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Faculty and Expertise:

Distinguished faculty and research resources makes UTSA a unique place to study Latin America. Professors with expertise in Latin America can be found in multiple disciplines and departments, including, but not limited to:


Dr. Sonia Alconini, South American ancient civilizations

Dr. Jason Yaeger, Mesoamerican and Andean civilizations

Dr. Michael L. Cepek, Cultural Anthropology

Dr. M. Kathryn Brown, Archaeology, Maya Civilization

Art & Art History:

Dr. Teresa Eckmann, Latin American art

Dr. Juliet Wiersma, Latin American art


Dr. Catherine Nolan-Ferrell, Modern Mexico, Labor History

Dr. Rhonda Gonzales, African History, Linguistics, Diaspora, Mexican History

Dr. Andrew Konove, Latin American History

Dr. Omar Valerio-Jimenez, Borderlands, Latina/o, American West, Immigration

Modern Languages and Literatures: 

Dr. Whitney Chappell, Hispanic Linguistics

Dr. Jack Himelblau, Modern Languages and Literatures

Dr. Santiago Daydi-Tolson, Modern Languages and Literatures

Dr. Francisco Marcos-Marin, Modern Languages and Literatures

Dr. Nancy Membrez, Modern Languages and Literatures

Dr. Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba,  Latin American literary and cultural studies


Dr. Viviana Rojas, Latin American political media


Dr. Mark Brill ,Music History & Literature


Dr. Harriett Romo, Mexican communities in the U.S

Dr. Raquel R. Marquez,  Immigration, Race & Ethnicity, Latinos in the U.S., the U.S./Mexico Border

Political Science & Geography:

Dr. Richard Jones, Human Geography, Evolving Mexico-US Undocumented Migration,

Dr. Miguel DeOliver, Political and Cultural Geography, Political Economy of US-Mexican Relations

Public Policy:

Dr. Rene Zenteno, Mexican immigration and demographics


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