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 Why pursue a minor in Latin American Studies?

Add depth and breadth to your studies by choosing a minor that, combined with your major, gives you insights in and deepens your understanding of Latin American history, politics, economics and society.

Shape your future path career by making yourself more attractive and qualified to find a better job with potential employers via your language (Spanish) and Latin American cultural skills.

Develop awareness of global citizenship through study abroad courses that will introduce you to a region that is culturally rich, socially diverse, and increasingly influential in the U.S.

Degree Plan

The Minor in Latin American Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the political, cultural, historical, economical and societal processes and systems of Latin America (the world region comprising 20 countries from Mexico to the southern tip of South America and the Caribbean). Students pursuing the Minor must complete 18 semester credit hours and can choose from over 40 different course offerings.


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